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  by twropr
When did VIA assume operational control of the line between Coteau Jct. and Hawthorne? Is the max. speed still 80 MPH? I notice from a recent CN timetable that speed between Hawthorne and Ottawa has been increased - who paid for this?

  by Ken V
VIA took over that portion of the Alexandria Sub quite some time ago, in June 1998. Following the severe ice storms of January and February of that year there was significant damage to the signalling system. Rather than paying for repairs, CN decided to sell the line to VIA in exchange for the nominal sum of one dollar and exclusive freight trackage rights. Over the years VIA has had major work done on the track and restored it to CTC operation, Track speeds are up to 100 mph over much of the Alexandria now. This was, of course, paid for by the Canadian taxpayers.