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VIA's Ocean is set to resume on August 11

https://media.viarail.ca/en/press-relea ... -august-11

And as VIA has already said...... when the Ocean returns it will be a hybrid mix of both Budd and Renaissance equipment. As the Ocean can no longer be turned in Halifax....the F40 Locomotives will be placed back to back and just run around the train to the opposite end at the station. Here's the proposed consist I've seen posted elsewhere:

2 F40s running back to back.
Ren Baggage** (North American coupler on one end)
Ren Accessible Coach
Ren Accessible Sleeper*
Ren Service/Lounge
Ren Diner
Ren Service/Lounge Car
Ren Transition (North American coupler on one end)
Budd Sleepers (up to 5)
Budd Skyline Dome***
Budd Coaches (up to 5)
Budd Baggage**

* A Renaissance Sleeper must be included in each consist as it provides the only Accessible Accommodations

** Note the Baggage Car on each end so it will always be next to the Locomotives as the 2nd Engineer in the Cab also handles baggage duties.

*** Skyline Dome – Initially there will be no Dome as VIA has said.....

”In the current context where VIA Rail offers essential services, dome cars have limited use for the Ocean service and will not be available in order to limit interactions on board the train and ensure the safest travel experience for all. VIA Rail will continue to monitor the evolution of the pandemic closely and will, when conditions permit, review and adjust its service offering."

A Skyline Dome was shown in the proposed consist I've seen and as noted above VIA will "review and adjust its service"........there is still hope!

VIA is also now saying that initially Sleeper passengers will be served all meals in their rooms and a Cart service will be provided for Coach/Economy passengers. This will change once social distancing requirements are eased.
  by marquisofmississauga
Until today the usual consist of this weekly train has included two Renaiassance coaches, four Ren. sleepers, two HEP coaches and four Chateau sleepers. For the foreseeable future there only Renaissance sleepers on the train according to Reservia.

The second Ocean starts in early December and the third weekly run will start in June.
  by Alphaboi
I thought the Renaissance sleepers were being retired (save for accessible accommodations) in favor of the Budd sleepers.

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  by marquisofmississauga
From my experience the Ren. sleepers are in better shape than most of the Chateau sleepers. Most of the Chateau sleepers have not had a major refurbishment since the early 1990s and they really need it. The last one my wife and I travelled in was a disgrace. Last week we had rooms in a Ren. sleeper and it was in excellent shape, the shower worked and the door to the corridor stayed shut.

The second weekly train started from both Montreal and Halifax on Wed. the 8th. I haven't seen the specific consist, but from what is availlable on Reservia it should be the same or very similar as the other consist.