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NS: Good information concerning Canada's new $10 bill here...

This will become another rail "collectible" and help VIA Rail Canada's "Canadian" gain exposure to Canadians
and others by way of legal currency...

See: http://www.bankofcanada.ca for more information on their new and current currency series...
Look in the "Bank Notes" section...
Their polymer notes are so much more interesting then what the US issues in the same denominations...

  by 25Hz
Very nice!!!! I have an old series 5, 2 series before this one, blue, hockey players on it. Gives me a reason to go back to ontario.... :)
  by Montrealrail1
locomotive appears on 10$ bill are the 6403...and 6403 are now renumbered 6459,may be,it's because 6403 are on the new 10$ bills :-D :-D
  by Ken V
Eastern Railroad News wrote:VIA Rail recently renumbered the F40PH #6403 that appeared on the bills, saying that it did so prior to the release of the currency and effective July 23, 2013. The renumbering of the #6403 to 6459, according to VIA Rail, was done to "retire that number as to prevent any negative historical stories if ever one day there was one to be associated to this locomotive identification."