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  by ladder2
I have noticed that all VIA's rebuilt F 40's have had an extra head light added to the locomotive. This lamp appears to be a high intensity type
of some sort. Does it rotate (similar to a MARSlight?). Also theyhaveadded an extra set ofair horns atop thecab. Do these all sound at crossings?
Just curious, as we in the states do not have a similar set up with AMTRAK locos.
  by gp9rm4108
The extra headlight is a higher intensity beam and it helps for better visibility when it's really dark out in rocky/forested areas. It also helps for better visibility at crossings. It does not rotate.

All VIA engines have this, even the P42's.

The extra set of horns is an emergency set. It is not the primary set and are separate from the main horn on the engines. It is a higher pitched set and others will tell you the exact model of the horn as I don't know.