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  by Bigt
It has been 25 years since I ventured to Canada for a ride - Cornwall to Montreal - and return.
Then, the crew were still wearing the "traditional" dark Trainmans uniform. Has this changed?
If so, what does the uniform look like? Who is the supplier? Just a collector who is interested....
  by timberley
The uniforms have definitely changed over 25 years. The current uniforms consist of a variety of pieces, including suit jackets, vests, pants, and overcoats, skirts, and 1-piece dresses all of which are navy blue (the coats and jackets have the VIA Rail Canada logo on the breast). There are also blouses and dress shirts that are a lighter shade of blue, also with the VIA Rail Canada emblem.

I know that's a pretty poor description, but it's a start. You can see some pictures of uniformed staff if you just look around the VIA Rail website (www.viarail.ca), on some of their different pages. I've tried to find photos to show you, but they're hard to come across.

Here is one (from Flickr user Madbuster75)


Another (see the man in the centre) (From Flickr user US Mission Canada)


Another (From Flickr user bobolink)


I hope those give you a start on what you're looking for. I'm sure I have some pictures around that show crew members in their uniforms, but I can't find any at the moment.

Also of interest, VIA Rail has signed a contract for new uniforms, to be delivered in 2012. See here: http://www.viarail.ca/fr/a-propos-de-vi ... gn-contest