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  by dmclement

I am a railfan viisiting Canada in November this year and wordered if a few of my questions could be answered.

Can someone supply a list of VIA train numbers that are worked by two or more locomotives, stating the number on each train?

Does VIA operate diesel railcars on any of it's trains and if so, which ones?


Damian Clement

  by Ken V
Hi Damian,

I see from your other post that you will be visiting Montreal. In and out of Central Station, VIA trains that regularly use two (or more) locomotives are the combined "Ocean" & "Chaleur" (#s 14/15 & 16/17 - daily except Tuesday) and the combined "Abitibi" & "Saguenay" (#s 603/604/606 & 601/600/602 - three days a week). Sometimes Montreal trains to/from Toronto will have two units, but they normally run with just one.

The only VIA routes that have Rail Diesel Cars in service are remote: The "Lake Superior" (#185/186) in northern Ontario and the "Malahat" (#198/199) on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

VIA operates “J-Trains” (Joined Trains) in the corridor that have 2 locomotives. For example a train from Toronto to both Montreal and Ottawa would consist of: Engine and Cars + Engine and Cars directly behind the first set. In the CN yard just before the Brockville Station the first train separates from the second, proceeds into the station then departs for Montreal. A minutes or two later the second train then proceeds into the station and depart for Ottawa.

VIA also operates some corridor trains with a locomotive a both ends (Push-Pull style) And if this is a J-Train it makes for an interesting sight: two engines, nose to nose at mid-train!