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  by NeoArashi
I live in Quebec city, I want to visit as many cities/Towns in canada as possible, especially these (Not in any order of preference): Alexandria, Ottawa*, Drummonville*, Montreal*, Toronto**, Gaspé, Winnipeg, Churchill, Jasper, Edmonton Vancouver and Prince Rupert.

*=Already been in that city once or several times, but only for a few hours, or only went there for a specific activity (with no intention of visiting) or stop by there for food.
**=Already been there, but it was a long time ago (9 years)

I know for a fact that I can visit Ottawa, Drummonville, Montreal,Toronto, Ottawa and Alexandria With a Canrailpass made for the Corridor (Unless I'm mistaken, and Alexandria and Ottawa are not on the Coridor o.O?)

But for the other 6 cities, what kind of ''discount'' should I get?

VIA 6 pak?
Regular Canrailpass?
Last Minute discount?

Anyways, thanks in advance for your answer :)
  by Montrealrail
You should get CanrailPass,for the Quebec-Windsor corridor and get the last minute discount for Ottawa.
If you passing by Ottawa,gey a last minute discount to Brockville,get ask to get on the left side of the train,At Smithfalls,you will get a very nice view to the CP yard,may be some action in the yard while you make the stop..
at Brocville,you can make a stop,close by,you can see the oldest train tunnel in Canada and get into it,it a very old line,now fallen flagged,larger track size,This railroad was called B&O (Brockville and Ottawa Railway)
Theb at Brockville,you can use back your Canrail pass to visite all the other city..
  by Ken V
Don't be confused. Ottawa and Alexandria are both part of the Quebec City - Windsor Corridor as are Niagara Falls and Sarnia too. Using a Canrail Pass can be complicated since there are so many rules to be aware of. One important thing to remember is that each trip on the Canrail pass allows one stopover so, for example, you can go from Ottawa to Windsor with a stop in Brockville if you wish (changing trains in Toronto, same day, does not count as a stopover since you have no choice there).

I don't think a 6-pak is for you since this is only good for six one-way (three round) trips between the same two stations.

Last minute deals are mainly for taking trips without planning very far ahead and the Canrail pass is best for several train trips over a short period of time. Which one is best depends a lot on where you want to go and when. Usually the last minute or other special deals offer the best value if you can fit your plans around them.