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  by kuga2011
I picked up a cool tool that I use on the push button showers camping. I have bad arthritis in my wrists and have trouble with the buttons. I am planning a trip across Canada and will be getting a sleeper cabin.

Is there anyone that can tell me if my Showerfriend will work on the train. It keeps the push button shower on so I can have a quick shower without keep pushing the button.

There is a demo on the site. www.showerfriend.ca

Just wanted to know if this would work on the cabin, please do reply.

I would also be interested in loaning mine to someone to try out if they have a trip coming up before mine.

Any info would help.

  by marquisofmississauga
From what I see in the demonstration and from what I recall from my many trips on the Canadian, the smaller version of the tool should work. The shower button is very stiff so the suction cups would have to be quite strong. If travelling to Halifax on Renaissance sleepers, the shower in the private washroom annex of six of each 10 cabins has a button which is very easy to push. Sometimes only the one push is necessary and many times it has not been necessary to push it at all, but to simply turn the temperature dial which has an "off" setting. To me it doesn't look like the tool would work on Renaissance, but it is unlikely to be needed. But it would be a great help on the Manor and Château sleepers of the Canadian.