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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by MEC407
Why did they buy an ex-NJT passenger locomotive? It looks great in their paint, but... why? ☺️
  by newpylong
Yeah, these units suck for freight usage. No long hood forward, have to walk through the carbody to get to the long hood end, etc.
  by piker
On the cab under the name of the locomotive it says "Serving New England Passengers with Pride". Is this a new slogan?
Looked at a few other VTR freight locomotives and the slogan is "Serving American Industry with Pride". I wonder if there is more to this story.....
  by MEC407
Ahhh, that explains it. They must be planning to use it for their excursion services, which I momentarily forgot about:

  by NHV 669
Most likely for the Burlington dinner train, but it sounds like it still needs a but of mechanical work and won't be ready in time for the end of the season this year.
  by NHN503
It's for the Burlington dinner train. Needs traction motors and a new main generator I believe. So for now she's a big Athearn Blue Box dummy.
  by NHV 669
208 (former LLPX 2334 in UP paint) has gotten VTR red.

6 cars of the passenger fleet have been sold to SMS rail services for use in NJ: GMRC 1305, 1306, 1312, 1313, 1317, and 1319.
  by thebigham
^It's sad that they seem to be getting out of the excursion business in Bellows Falls.
  by shadyjay
The line from Bellows Falls to Rutland is still running... with the painting of most locomotives to red (and now "Vermont Rail System"), they are trying to make it look like one big system. Essentially it always has been, but with the separate subsidiaries (VTR, GMRC, CLP, NYOG). It appears the passenger trains aren't even being marketed as "Green Mountain Railroad" anymore, but instead, as "Vermont Rail System - Passenger Services". The only thing they appear to be running still is the dinner train, out of Burlington, and that is done with the "silver fleet". The "green fleet" has been retired or I believe sold.

Its too bad, considering at one time, GMRC ran passenger excursions out of Burlington, Bellows Falls, Manchester, and White River Jct, sometimes 3 locations at the same time. I'm glad I rode those trips when I did, riding I believe what was the last true "Rutland Limited" from Bellows to Rutland, plus several excursions on the "Conn River Division" covering WRJ to Lyndonville in two separate trips... both to Farmway I believe.

Freight service must be paying the bills pretty good, without the need to have passenger op's interfere.
  by Fritz
A recent photo on another website got me interested in (finally) asking this question.

The photo showed GMTX MP15 318 (still in CP red paint) working the yard in Rutland.

At one time, VRS had two other GMTX MP15s (316 and 326) on the property. Does anyone know if these two switchers are still on the property or have they been sent elsewhere?

Along similar lines but farther afield, the OBPA had two switchers (12 and 14). I know that the 12 was sold, but does anyone know the disposition of the SW900 14? Is it still in Norwood or elsewhere on the OBPA? I know that GP38 205 has more-or-less been permanently assigned to the OBPA (and maybe one of the other older geeps).

To finish off with the switchers, it sounds like SW1500 1505 (ex-NEGS) is also more-or-less permanently assigned to the ex-NEGS out of Concord.

Thanks for any help!
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