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  by PRRGuy
Well, LIRR seems like a ....interesting railroad no doubt. Rumor has it that NICTD ordered 19 new cars for the new line or maybe just for the current one depending on if wire goes up on it. Just something I picked up at work the other nite I'll see what else I can find out. Also # 28 is out of the Midlife shop, #9 is about 25% repaired after its accident in near South Bend. In other news..I'm sure you guys don't hear about these things unless you've got a police scanner. Last week one of the evening trains was coming back from South bend on its way back to Chicago, I'd put it about 8pm either friday or saturday night. Well, some woman pulled the emergency brake cord and jumped out the engineers window( unoccupied by the way) on the second car. They were on the radio with the dispatcher and I heard the whole thing, Police were brought out because she wouldnt get back on the train but I dont think the crew would've let her back on anyways, and she was removed from the area and taken to the hospital. Somehow she was pretty much ok...physically speaking no broken bones..etc Later we all heard that she was on some medication but obviously wasnt taking it. Ahhh, yes just another night on the South Shore.

  by Tadman
I just heard the gov't approved a $4m study for the expansion plans. My fears regard Kensington - I hear NICTD is at capacity for the interlocker there. Here's my interesting solution I dreamed up: Route the new trains down IC to 115th, over to Hegewisch, and then down Monon to their new terminus. Route the original trains down IC to the ex-PRR/NYC/CR tracks along the Skyway. In the 1970's, PC consolidated PRR and NYC to just PRR and tore up the parallel NYC. Run the South Bend line trains down the old NYC alignment to the IHB at Colehour - insert a Whiting NICTD station here - travel south on IHB to Burnham yard and continue on original route. This saves the South Bend line passengers time by using the "new" high speed alignment and adds Whiting service as well.

  by MikeF
Not a bad idea, and it would also alleviate the extreme congestion aboard trains at Hegewisch.

  by PRRGuy
I also agree...good idea...i wouldn't mind having a Whiting Station as I'm nearer to Whiting then anywhere, plus I work for NICTD in Michigan City and take the train regularly. I'll bet that there's enough business here to support , at the very least, a flag stop.
  by Silverliner II
If it is equipment they need for the extensions to Valpo and beyond, here is my humble suggestion.

Single-level push-pull coaches and cab cars from Sumitomo. MARC already has a fleet of those cars, and they would match the current M.U. fleet (as far as builders go)....and some parts such as windows, seats, doors, lighting and AC fixtures would be compatible.

It would just then be a matter of finding locomotives....THAT is the problem.....

  by Tadman
That may be even more reason to electrify the new line - passenger power is easier to find in electric than diesel.

  by Tadman
I recant my previous post:
If Amtrak is axed like they're trying to do now, Valpo will be run with Amfleets and P42s bought at fire sale prices. It would be foolish not to. And that will be a shame, because the South Shore is an interurban, not a dirty grimy diesel route.