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  by west point
Has it been determined yet if the SLE loco hauled equipment will move to the Springfield route? If so when?
  by lordsigma12345
The SLE Mafersa cars do run on the Hartford Line - along with the MBB cars they leased from the T specifically for the Hartford Line. With SLE going to M8s there most likely now enough CTDOT owned equipment to give back the leased MBB cars.
  by hrsn
Safetee wrote: Tue May 24, 2022 1:39 pm the transport wizards thought that business type people might use the early morning service for same day business commuting to and fro. I sincerely doubt that is happening too much, but frankly I dont really know.
Neither do I. But as housing prices in Boston metro drive people west (if not New Hampshire), the Connecticut River valley towns look pretty good. (I already know of Boston friends moving to Greenfield in order to buy an affordable house.) The Flyer could actually develop into a local passenger service if this happens. And if the E/W Passenger Rail plan gets decently implemented, the valley becomes even more attractive. (Disclaimer: not a realtor, but looking to move.)
  by Safetee
What i guess what i left out was that they, the transport wunderkind, envisioned lots of people from Greenfield and Northampton who would take advantage of the ability via the early morning train to go to and come back daily from New York City. No question we've got boat loads of wannabe Manhattan commuters in Western Mass.
  by BandA
NYC is quite a long distance, but it is much easier to get to Hartford than it is to get to Boston, if you are anywhere west of Worcester. Greenfield to NYC is not practical for a daily commute, nor Greenfield to BON, lol.