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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by GSC

Most of my observations of the old R&DB ROW from Red Bank to Rt 36 were from Google Maps. It is very easy to trace that old route. My interest in tracing it came from a Eureka moment while a passenger in my friend's car and I noticed the open ROW from Rt 36. (Normally when I'm driving in that area, I'm under attack from other motorists and have little time to sightsee.) That straight obvious ROW screamed railroad so it was time to research it a little more than I had in the past. I always presumed it was long gone, until I traced it on Google Maps. They can't take all the history from us. My family's been in Monmouth County since the 1670s so I tend to dwell in the past.
  by AceMacSD
Bracdude181 wrote: Thu Nov 16, 2023 6:11 pm Speaking of all the tracks on the property, has anyone noticed three old passenger cars sitting on the yard that’s adjacent to the Southern? They are visible on Google Earth.
Just spoke with few of my guys there. They'd had 6 passenger cars there that were used by a cub scout group. 1 was trucked out somewhere. 1 was from some atomic air force train. The other 4 were supposed to go to a tourist operation but that fell through. The cars were all to be scrapped on site. Only 2 were cut up before the scrapper stopped due to asbestos contamination. Contract was terminated.
  by Bracdude181
  by GSC
Just yesterday (20-Dec) it was reported on the Delaware & Raritan thread that two boxcars and a genset were interchanged to NWS Earle from the Southern at Collingwood. A report was given about boxcars being hauled to the pier and then back again. It's been a very long time since something was interchanged to Earle. Anyone have any info on what might have been delivered? Maybe Earle will be a rail customer once again?
  by Bracdude181
Only one box car was interchanged but another one seemed to be sitting there from a previous trip.
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