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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by tenthousandhobbies
In this time of economic upheaval is there any one with some news about companies doing well and adding or expanding rail service? Thanks. I moved away years ago because of the harsh business climate, but whole family is still there and likely will move back as parents get older.
  by scharnhorst
Genesee Beer was baught by some company in Europe I beleve a German company which plans to reopen the plant I don't know any outher details out side of the head lines that were in the paper.
  by nessman
Genesee Beer was never closed. The brewery is still very much still alive and well.

They still receive carloads of hops that are transloaded at Rochester Yard as a result of the poor condition of the wooden trestle that hugged the gorge wall of the Genesee River. The switch off the controlled siding was removed several years ago.
  by roadster
I think it's known as High falls Brewery now?
  by BR&P
On the railroad it used to be known simply as "The Brew".
  by Scott K
I really know better, but I'm going to ask anyway. Any chance that it would ever be worth repairing the brewery trestle for a return to service?

Scott K.
  by nessman
You're probably looking at a job that would run into the millions. I'm sure they already ran a cost-benefit analysis (re: replace/repair trestle vs transload at Rochester yard).
  by roadster
It wasn't just the condition of the trestle, but the instability of the gorge wall after a very large chunk fell from below the trestle area which prompted the closing of that spur. It is much cheaper to trans-load at the exsisting facilities.
  by BR&P
The gorge walls are shale, which is NOT a good solid rock to drill into and secure things. As Roadster said it tends to split, flake, exfoliate etc. The costs would be astronomical.
  by Flat-Wheeler
This is NOT very uplifting.... I think I'll go have a beer now. :(
  by roadster
Ok, in part due to the Frontier Yard shutdown, Rochester yard has been busier blocking cars for specific destinations, rather than just for Buffalo. Also with the Road switchers Q624/625 and 632/633 anulled west of Syracuse. The Lyons Local was re-established to handle the interchange work the road trains had been handling. So the Rochester district actually added a job. :wink:
  by lvrr325
Only other uplifting Rochester news I can think of is totally off topic, that a couple of Rochester broads who wanted to shoplift last week decided to drive all the way to a Walmart near Fulton to do it, instead of one of the Walmarts right there in town. Your criminals are branching out... maybe the railroad shipments will be safe now?

Seriously though, I don't think you'll see anything in the way of new business for a while because the idiots in Albany let that program expire that gave industries a deal on their electricity and gas and so on. I have to think eventually they'll be smart enough to bring it back, but there's a good chance you won't see it until the next session in January. Most of your companies that are big enough to ship by rail in volume that CSX would entertain serving them are going to be affected by programs like that. And between that and the poor economy, most businesses are consolidating or just being less active rather than expanding.
  by BR&P
Or to put it another way -

1. In the recession business is down all over
2. Heavy industry is declining in general in this country
3. New York presently has a terrible climate for business with no signs of changing (except for getting worse)

Three strikes against us. It's always possible some niche player will locate or expand but as far as overall growth it's doubtful. And since the OP is talking about Rochester itself, it would seem even less likely since the ones who have been most successful going against the trend are smaller lines like LA&L and FGLK. CSX seems to see itself as a wholesaler, not a retailer. R&S would be a possibility but so far nothing big has happened and nobody should be holding their breath.

Personally, when state elections get here I'm voting against every incumbent regardless of political party!
  by tenthousandhobbies
Did Klein Steel ever start receiving rail shipments? I can't tell from satellite photo. There are a number of tank farms that do not have rail sidings - how can that be financially viable? Maybe GWR should take over all the industrial branches and provide more personalized service. I am also worried that the new climate bill could advesely affect railroads and Rochester industry...
  by nessman
Yes - Klein Steel has been active. Unsure of the frequency though. They're transloading near the end of the line by the recycling plant.

The tank farm has been off-line for well over 10-15 yrs now.
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