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  by joolsstone

I'm looking into getting the Canrailpass System Unltd and wondered if you could use it to purchase upgrades on any sleeper journeys?

The Via Rail site just says it's for economy journeys only and doesn't actually show you fares before you buy it.

Does anyone know if you can use it and upgrade your ticket at a discounted rate in a similar way that Amtrak lets you, or if you have to purchase sleeper tickets at the reg price. Would seem fairly useless for longer haul journeys if so...

Many thanks
  by Mark0f0
IIRC, you get what, 25% off the best available sleeper fare in exchange for a credit on the passes?
  by timberley
From the Canrailpass conditions on VIA's website:

"Upgrades to higher classes of service are permitted: credits may alternatively be applied towards a single-use 25% discount on the best available fare in Business, Touring or Sleeper class (excluding Prestige Sleeper class) on a one-way trip (where these services are offered)."

A "credit" refers to the trip segments available on the pass. Note that the above condition *only* appears in the conditions under the "Extra Canrailpass", which is the higher fare version. I don't know if this means you can't do an upgrade like that on a standard or unlimited pass, but it isn't mentioned. May be worth calling VIA to verify.