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  by doepack
metraRI wrote:I found it interesting that they changed all but one weekend departure from CUS to :40.. only reasoning was to become "consistant"... yet they didn't change weekday mids to :40. Odd.
I agree, they could have moved Saturday morning's 1301 departure up 10 min. to 6:40, which would have made it uniform with the rest of the schedule, but in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't make any difference; besides, BNSF schedules are the heaviest padded schedules on Metra's system anyway, and even with the construction, I don't think there's a significant loss of recovery time. And if they should underestimate the delays to some westbound trains due to the Belmont project, they'll just increase the padding on the west end to the schedule, which means more trains may get what is now an overly generous 19 min. running time between Route 59 & Aurora, as is currently the case with 1237...
  by MetraBNSF
After a closer look at some of the schedule adjustments, I don't see why certain afternoon rush hour trains that end runs at Fairview Ave would have to have its times adjusted. For example, train 1249 is listed as departing CUS two minutes later and ultimately arriving Fairview Ave two minutes later. Then 1249 deadheads east as 1282 and becomes train 1283, which will depart CUS two minutes later. But my thinking is to allow for minor time adjustments in eastbound traffic (ex. current EB 1280 passes thru Fairview minutes before 1249 arrives and flips).

Eastbound trains 1214 and 1224 gets my attention. Both depart Lisle one minute later, however, both trains originate as deadheads from Hill Yard. I can see 1232 having to leave 2 minutes later, as this train is turned from 1201.

One thing that will be really interesting to see will be how Metra implements additional service for downtown events and early holiday getaways. But seeing how most peak trains remain unchanged for the most part, I can't really see anything different than what is added now when circumstances warrant.