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  by wilmette2008
Quick question regarding dispatching on the UP Kenosha sub, I know that the CY dispatcher controls the line up to WK junction just north of the Winnetka train station, but who controls the line north of WK the UP Northeast dispatcher in Omaha, please let me know thank you.
  by qboy
Yes the NE Dispatcher controls north of WK. He also controls the the Northwest line west of Deval too!
  by doepack
Does that include Seeger (the next control point west of Deval)? I always thought the Deval dispatcher (via CY Tower) controlled that...
  by qboy
Yes your correct about Seeger. Its been a couple of years since I have run on that line.
  by SlowFreight
Historically, the Deval operator did have responsibility for Seeger and Norma, back in the days when the tower was still manned.