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  by Passenger
Parked in Ogilvie the last few days.

Anyone know what's up?
  by doepack
Consist currently parked on track 5 at OTC:

CNW 8701
UP 7931
Dome Coach "Columbine" UPP7001
Business Coach "Texas Eagle" UPP5483
Observation Car "Feather River" UPP114

Don't know any specifics on where it came from or where it's going, but it sure looked pretty cool down there mingling with all the Metra equipment...
  by byte
It's UP Family Day at IRM tomorrow. This train is leaving downtown sometime in the morning for Union, and heading back in the evening.
  by orangeline
I was at IRM today to see and ride the train pulled by replica CPRR #63, Leviathan, and there indeed was a UP special bound for Belvidere that left ~ 11:30 AM
  by eolesen
UP was running their regular safety trains in the area -- they ran one day out to Harvard, one day to Kenosha, the mentioned IRM specials, and also did a run up in Milwaukee.