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  by metrarider
This morning, saw the board for track 16 at CNW station, which read

DMSX special

no time or anything. Didn't get a chance to look at what the equipment was, but does anyone know what this is/was?

  by c604.
That might have been the officers special that is operated on a Wednesday once every quarter of the year. UP commuter operations officials ride it on all three lines kind of as a rolling meeting and to see how the property is going. Everytime I saw it, it was four cars with the 147 pulling it.

  by AMTK84
The DMSX that ran yesterday (8/2/06) had METX139, coaches 6007, 6006, 6175 and 8428. The train travels up to Elburn and back, then to/from Kenosha, then to McHenry with a return around 15:00. One of the cars had a table top layed across the seats, perfectly ballanced so the food on the table wouldn't fall. The environment is very casual, from what I'm told it is just a chance for people to take time off of work and for mannagement to ride the different lines.

  by doepack
Saw that train yesterday (8/2) on its return trip downtown, as it passed on the center track between W. Chgo and Elmhurst, came through Wheaton about 9:15 or so. Pretty much confirms my guess about VIP's/dignitaries checking out the railroad...