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  by MetraBNSF
Milwaukee District lines also got in on the unavertised extra action, at least for Sunday. At around 6:30pm the north line had an extra to Lake Forest and the west line had an extra to Elgin. There was also an extra to Fox Lake around 8:30pm.

For some unknown reason, the 6:25pm (#9403) BNSF extra did not run. Therefore BNSF #1319 was absolutely jam packed all the way to at least Downers Grove, including people standing in the aisles in the westernmost cars. #1319 was an 8 car train, powered by METX405 (just a few days ago 405 was trailing 187).

BNSF #9402 (12:10pm Aurora departure) was a SRO passengers swinging from the rafter train by the time it reached Downers Grove.

One thing that justifies extra BNSF service during the Taste of Chicago isn't just that event itself, but also festivals in Downers Grove (Heritage Fest), Lisle (Eyes to the Skies) and Naperville (Ribfest), all of which are held within a mile of each town's respective stations (D.G. Heritage Fest is held along both sides of the BNSF main along a two block stretch). On Friday evening I was parking my car at the Naperville station in order to grab a shuttle to the Ribfest grounds and at the same time the 6:25pm extra train was pulling in. A whole flood of people exited the train, which was 11 cars. Bad news is as the train arrived, Naperville ceased admission into Ribfest because Knoch Park was near or at capacity. There's a good number of people that take the train to these suburban events because parking is constrained in each of these three downtown areas.

I'm sure the people at Metra, UP, and the BNSF are relieved that normal levels of service are resuming. But they did a pretty good job moving people through the past 10 days.
  by MetraBNSF
Like last year's Labor Day, unadvertised extra express trains are running on BNSF. Don't know how many are running but one express train left ahead of #1314. My guess is there'll be an outbound leaving ahead of #1321. There was a whole sea of people (mostly in Cubby blue) waiting for #1314 at Lisle and an announcement was made that there was an express running ahead of it.
  by MetraBNSF
One or more unadvertised express trains ran on BNSF today. Noticed on the monitors at CUS a 9500 series train that was scheduled ahead of regularly scheduled train 1319. Seems like BNSF likes to run a few extra trains on Labor Day weekend. They've done it the past couple of years.