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  by Jeff Smith
Anyone know what this is?
GP40MC1118 wrote: Tue Jan 26, 2021 11:46 am John - You are correct on it starting life as a MP GP50. I got tripped up by UP 2107 versus UPY 2107! 2107
MP20B-3 Ex-UPY 2107, UP GP50 (1662), UP GP50 964, MP GP50 3504 BN: 797322-5 BN: 11/80
Notes: Wore UP Yellow as MP 3504. Renumbered 1/17/92 to 964. Planned renumbered to 1662 not completed.
Retired 9/30/04. Retired 8/25/06 "core" unit for MPI MP20B-3 Project. Released MPI 10/10/06 as UPY 2107.
UP designation is MP20GP.

Also understand that both units are here for PTC installations, then headed to Metro-North