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  by lstone19
2220 normally comes in on 7. Both mornings, there was a train sitting on 7. While Thursday was normal ops on the MD-W, on Wednesday, 2214 had a problem at Franklin Park that once fixed, had him, 2216, and us on 2220 running in a row (2218 is a local - we passed him which we normally do not). I don't know where 2214 (7:57 arrival) and 2216 (8:00 arrival) normally go. 2218 normally goes to 11 to become the 8:30 departure but with 2218 delayed, some other equipment was on 11 loading as the 8:30. Maybe there was a problem on another track.

The last HC arrival is due in at 8:10. I assume it was in on-time and had already left. Both mornings we came in on 19, we had the signal at the 19-21 crossover by the south end of the the 17-19 platform so could pull down alongside the station building.
  by F40CFan
2220 doesn't dwell long at CUS. The engineer changes ends and it deadheads out to Western. Maybe it got out of the way in time.