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Union Pacific Transferring Commuter Rail Services to Metra
Transfer expected to result in seamless commuter experience; completion anticipated first quarter 2024

CHICAGO, IL., MARCH 30, 2023

https://www.up.com/media/releases/metra ... gfs=social

Union Pacific is working with Metra to safely and seamlessly transfer its commuter rail operation in Chicago, including the employees who perform the work. Union Pacific anticipates completing the transfer by the end of first quarter 2024.

As part of the transition, Metra will take over services including train crew, mechanical, car cleaning, rolling stock maintenance, ticket sales and some engineering services. Several management employees transitioned to Metra earlier this year, with plans to start transferring Mechanical and Transportation craft professionals in third quarter 2023.

“We greatly appreciate Metra’s collaboration in continuing to provide excellent and safe service to commuters during this transition,” said Eric Gehringer, executive vice president-Operations. “Thank you to our employees for your outstanding dedication and teamwork to provide uninterrupted commuter experience.”

Union Pacific will continue to maintain the track and manage train movements on its lines: Union Pacific West, Union Pacific Northwest and Union Pacific North.
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That's a big shift. Presumably this includes both the California Ave car shops and yard, plus the M19A locomotive shops.

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Another thought. If Metra now owns all of the track east of Rockwall including A2, then there should be no objection to finally building out the crossovers at A1 which would allow traffic to shift between Union and Ogilvie, and also reduce holds at A2.

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Real estate hasn't been worked out yet. That's the next shoe to drop. I suspect that there will be a demark at Rockwall where the freight traffic merges westbound. Maybe the same at Cy for the freight lead down to the former Trib plant and Navy Pier.

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