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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by Mitch
I know a lot about the various trainmen's uniforms from all over the country. But one line I'm not familiar with is PRSL.

Before Conrail what was the cap badge like and what if any were the collar badges? Who was the uniform tailor?

I remember seeing a pic that had the cap with a bullion embroidered strap like the Pennsy had during WWII, and in the movie "King of Marvin Gardens," (1972) The conductor of a departing PRSL train from Atlantic City seemed to have a metal cap badge.
  by NJSRR
I've never seen a marked hat badge. I'm pretty sure they just used the generic unmarked metal badge. I have seen the collar insignia that were embroidered cloth P R S L. They also had marked uniform buttons in gold and silver.