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  by Gilbert B Norman
Over at another site at which both Rev. Farnsworth and I are active, I'm reminded of how, during '18, I was traveling from Salzburg to Munich on a Euro City in an "open Salon". At Rosenheim, this "thirtysomething" gal boarding first asks me in German and when she got my shrug, in English if the seat was open.

Turns out she (UK educated) was with the Ugandan Transport Ministry (or whatever they call it) and worked with railroads, I said I was once with a railroad, but it went out of business, so I'm now a Chartered (CPA) Accountant.

While of course I didn't ask her if she were a relative of "Big Daddy", she said how she was working on an electrification project for her road and was astounded how there was no electrification in the States. I said there is around the Northeast for passenger trains. I then showed her photos on the phone of Union Pacific trains in the desert West. I said that is probably 10000 tons of train. Considering the catenary and the sub-stations, it's more efficient to just make your own electricity as you go.

Well, here is the Airport stop and she was going on to Frankfurt. Enjoyed my time with this gal.
  by rogerfarnworth
The Uganda Railway during the Great War. ...

"The Uganda Railway" was essential to the sustenance of the East Africa Protectorate and the Uganda Protectorate during WW1. It suffered greatly from lack of maintenance during those critical years:

http://rogerfarnworth.com/2020/12/28/th ... -world-war
  by rogerfarnworth
The Uganda Railway after WW1. .....

In the years immediately after WW1, further European settlement was encouraged and 'European' electoral areas were set up. By 1921, the Census revealed the European population of the EAP to be 9,651 and the Indian population to be 22,822. ..........

http://rogerfarnworth.com/2021/01/08/th ... orld-war-1
  by rogerfarnworth
Sugar Factory Branches near Kisumu, Kenya

An on-line acquaintance has recently pointed out that the tenth article in this series about the Uganda Railway is incomplete in that it omits to cover two branch-lines which serve Sugar Cane Mills/Factories. I have returned to the trip along the Uganda Railway to complete the omitted part of the story - that of the Chemelil and Miwani Sugar Factory Branches. ........

On the final approaches to Kisumu the line passed through a significant sugar cane growing region. Sugar processing factories were set up in two locations along the line - Chemelil and Miwani. Both these locations were provided with short branch-line connections to the main Nakuru to Kisumu line.

https://rogerfarnworth.com/2021/03/24/u ... -to-kisumu
  by rogerfarnworth
This is the last post based around the book by M.F. Hill which was published in 1949 just as the Tanganyika and Kenya/Uganda networks became one organisation. It cover the Second World War and the few years immediately after. .....

https://rogerfarnworth.com/2021/03/...s ... -and-after
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