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  by RussNelson
thebigham wrote:I tried to find the grade of the horseshoe curve on E Centerville Road, but didn't see it.
I don't see anything on the aerials that gives me any hope of finding it. Most of the ROW runs through plowed fields. *Maybe* if you look at that little creek that crosses the ROW where E Centerville Road bends to the NW, you might find some trace of a culvert. Or maybe if you go looking in the woods at the back of the plowed field opposite the farm on West Centerville Road?

If you can, ask the farmer there if they know anything about the TV&C railroad. I've had some *fantastic* experiences guided by a property owner. One of them showed me imported ceramic tiles that were used for drains.
  by thebigham
RussNelson wrote:
thebigham wrote:I think I found a short segment of the TV&C grade north of Rushford today along East Centerville Road:

http://tinyurl.com/jn6zvtv" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Is it in the treeline opposite the farm? The ones that runs alongside the grid-planted trees?
Right where the letter P is. That's the grade after it crosses E Centerville Road. I will go back this week and take pics.
  by thebigham
RussNelson wrote:
thebigham wrote:Just south of Crystal Lake, the TV&C is between the B&S and the BR&P,

Where the B&S passed over the BR&P on a bridge which is now Rt. 98, the TV&C grade was just below the B&S grade at Fairview. They parallel each other until TV&C bridges Elton Creek and heads towards "Summit" on the TV&C which is off of Williams Road.
Is "Camp Road" through the boy scout camp the B&S? There's not a heck of a lot of room for a third railbed betwen those two south of Crystal Lake! If the TV&C is going to run between the two, there must have been a diamond somewhere, because it starts on the left of the B&S and ends up on the right, and it starts on the right of the BR&P and ends up on the left.

That leaves me lost between Jones Road north of Sandusky and the B&S bridge near Fairview. Any advice? Have you ever tried going to the county clerk's office to see if there's a map of the TV&C registered?
Camp Road is the B&S and probably TV&C grade.

I've seen the TV&C map for Cattaraugus County.

Supposedly there are Xerox copies out there of the TV&C grade in Alleghany County out there.

There is room for 3 grades below Crystal Lake.
  by thebigham
Here's the TV&C map south of Crystal Lake.

The TV&C/BR&P are parallel and right next to each other.

The TV&C curves away from the BR&P to gain elevation in order to cross the BR&P on a bridge.

I think where the TV&C crossed the BR&P is where the B&S built their bridge over the BR&P.
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  by thebigham

TV&C through here was abandoned in 1886.

The B&S built through here in 1905. Their track maps list a "TV&C embankment" on them near the B&S bridge over the BR&P.
  by thebigham
I found a long stretch of the TV&C here south of Cuba Lake:

http://binged.it/1QLTXFN" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

And a shorter stretch:

http://binged.it/1Z1vpPi" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The grade is raised here, but very overgrown with brush
  by dj_paige
I couldn't get your first link to work :(
  by dj_paige
That seems to work, thanks!

Is the suspected ROW exactly under the marker on Bing Maps, and so overgrown that you can't really see it in the aerial photos?
  by thebigham
^Yes. Tall trees on both sides of it.

At one point, it's between tall pine trees. It's a nice hike.
  by dj_paige
Great work! I enjoy following this search
  by thebigham
^If you ever come to Arcade, I'll show you the TV&C!
  by dj_paige
Well, thanks! I assume that the best time to do this is late winter or early spring when the vegetation is low.

Let me also thank you and Russ Nelson (and probably a few others) for increasing my interest in railroad archaeology (if that's the right word).
  by RussNelson
thebigham wrote:^Yes. Tall trees on both sides of it.

At one point, it's between tall pine trees. It's a nice hike.
I suspect that the treeline north of Oil Spring Park Road is also TV&C ROW.
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