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  by Tadman
Has anybody here taken the Tshiuten train trip over QNSL rails, 14 hours north into Labrador? I want to do so this summer but it's not exactly easy to reach even the Sept Iles station.
  by BAR
I covered the route on a speeder excursion in 2005 and we took three days each way. Very interesting and enjoyable and I want to return and do it on the Tshiuten passenger train some time. QNSL rails end in Labrador City and Tshiuten rails begin there.
This would be a great adventure.....I’ve always wanted to do it!

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Reaching Sept Iles is really not that difficult. There’s flight from Montreal and Quebec City but can be on the expensive side.

‘Intercar’ Bus has a daily run from Montreal (Dep 6am) Quebec (Dep 9:45am) and arr in Sept Iles at 8pm.

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It’s a very scenic drive along the north shore of the St Lawrence so why not take VIA to Quebec City.... rent a car there and drive to Sept Iles. Google says about 640km and 7 ½ hrs. Roads are very good.

Here’s a link to a recent documentary on a Tshiuten ride:

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Ans to give you an Idea of the country you’d be passing through….hears a link to a “Trans Labrador Highway’ trip I did several years ago.

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  by jwhite07
There was an article on a TRT trip in the December 2016 issue of Railpace magazine. Pretty interesting stuff.