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  • Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.
Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by Ken W2KB
pumpers wrote: Mon Sep 20, 2021 2:22 pm Sort of related - looking at aerials maps it seems that the paved Bridgewater platform is only ~100 feet long (one or two cars?). Are Raritan Valley trains that short - or must detraining passengers walk forward or back to the right car(s).

The trains are typically about 6 cars. Yes, onboard announcements are made sufficiently in advance of the station so passengers can start walking to the proper location before arrival, if I recall correctly Bridgewater is between the first two cars. The same is true for stations west of Raritan, where detraining is only between the last two cars of the train. Announcements are made. Regular riders are aware and usually sit in the appropriate cars to avoid the walk.
  by GSC
So let the three legislators do the review. The article says nothing can be done yet, as the Senate isn't calling anyone back until after the elections in November. More delays and I'm sure a few dollars to implement the "review".

I'm sure glad these suits aren't EMTs or firefighters.
  by Roadgeek Adam
Bridgewater station reopened today, September 26.
  by pateljones
I truly feel bad for the auto repair shop that was destroyed by the flooding. The owner gave part of his property for free to allow space for building the flood gate which the train blocked. He should sue.