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  by NeoArashi
Hello everyone.

Me and my Girlfriend are planning our second week of vacations, and as it is almost tradition by now, we are going to travel by train (we are for the first week, at least). Problem is, we already went to Halifax (In my case, 3 times, in her case, only once) And we are too poor to even get to Winnipeg, let alone Vancouver, lol so I want to ask fellow Via Rail Fan if there was anything worth going to on the Canadian if I stay in the Ontario part of it?


If any of you took the whole Montreal-Senneterre route, is the part beyond Casey worth the trip? I've never gone beyond that (and even then, the last time I even reached Casey by train was well over 20 years ago... last time I took the train, it was Montreal-Sanmaur ;)

Or also!

The furthest south I've been to by train is Niagara Falls. Is the Toronto-Windsor worth the trip?
  by marquisofmississauga
Now that the Canadian travels on the CN route in Northern Ontario, it isn't nearly as scenic a trip as when it was on the CPR route. With the reduced service of two or three trains a week, making a connection isn't easy. There are very few stations along that route and not one is a staffed station between Capreol and Winnipeg.

The trip Toronto to Windsor has some interesting parts, although it is flat most of the way. Going up or down the Niagara Escarpment between Bayview and Dundas is attractive on the south side. The view of Paris is quick but worth a look. Close to Windsor, the trains follow the shoreline of Lake St. Clair. The waterfront walk between the station and downtown Windsor is very pleasant.
  by NeoArashi
Cool, thanks for the heads up, we were actually thinking about getting a Corridor Canrailpass (269 for her, 299 for me, before taxes)and do most of the corridor during our week. If all goes well, we will do this route



Should we do this, we will end up taking 11 trains, spend 41 hours (lol gonna help us getijng used to soend a heck lot of time in a train) and pass trhough Toronto 4 times =)
  by NeoArashi
We plan on getting a Canrail pass -Corridor, after all, and we are probably going to do something like that: Quebec > Toronto > Niagara Falls > Toronto > London > Windsor > Quebec, Sleeping 3 nights in Toronto, 2 nights in London and 1 night in Windsor.

The Niagara Falls will likely be a same day trip. Leaving in the morning, coming back to Toronto in the late afternoon. And I'll have one trip left in case I wanna go to Montreal (I'll just have to pay for the return trip =D )
  by Tadman
Perhaps an Amtrak trip? I enjoy the City of New Orleans.
  by NeoArashi
Unfortunately, taht is not an option. If we go to the USA, we're not going further than New-York, or something.