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  by Tadman
I took ME to the boat show, then to Blue Island on saturday. I waited 60-ish minutes for a RI train to Tinley then. It was a pleasant trip as always, but I made an interesting discovery. I heard a whistle that sounded just like a European steam locomotive from a WWII movie - single note, very high pitch. This IAIS transfer comes chugging through with caboose leading - with the Euro whistle blowing it's heard out - and crewmen on the platform. About 20-30 cars later, two GP38's pushing their hearts out come chugging along. Not your typical consist, definitely one I've never seen. FYI, the caboose appeared to be ex-ATSF painted red with a small yellow RI "beaver pelt" herald with the words "dedicated to Paul _____".

  by Scotty Burkhardt
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iowa interstate has 2 yards in blue island, all of their trains come into burr oak, their containers and piggybacks stay in burr oak, the rest of the train is what you saw. the caboose get slapped on the end and it goes to their other yard just across the cal sag.

it runs several times a day between iowa interstate's 2 BI yards. i have tons of pictures of it. (ill try and get some posted) ive also seen it by my friends house in mokena (cement plant) and ive seen it on the coil train to joliet (EJ&E).

blue island is the place to be for any caboose fan. iais has the ex-santa fe one. and chicage rail link has several for their lumber switching duties, and metra has one you see every so often.

indiana harbor has a ton still in service too.

  by AmtrakFan
The IAIS run one train each way from Omaha. Comes after the 10:22 Metra.