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  by NeoArashi
Hello everyone!

I kind of decided to go to winnipeg for my next vacations. And the cheapest way to go there would be to go directly from Quebec City (where I live) to Winnipeg by train, then for the return trip, going from winnipeg to montreal by plane THEN go to Quebec city by train would be cheaper...

I was actually surprised that go on a round trip using the same way of transport is much more expencive ($50+) than using the rather complicated way I'm using.

The question is, which "Montreal'' station is the closest to the P-E-T airport? Central station? or the Dorval one?

EDIT: Also is there a way to go to either station from the airport by bus? (Cab is WAY to expencive)
  by Ken V
The Dorval VIA station is very close to Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport and VIA offers a shuttle between the air terminal and the train station called "AirConnect". The only concern is that you still need to change trains at Montreal Central Station to get to Quebec City.
  by NeoArashi
What do you mean by that? That I'll have to go to Montreal central THEN go to Quebec City?
  by Ken V
If you fly from Winnipeg to Montreal and take the AirConnect shuttle to the Dorval station, you would then take a train that originated in either Toronto or Ottawa, and then connect to the next train to Quebec City at Central Station. There are no direct trains from Dorval to Quebec City.

One more thing. You can't book the AirConnect trip to Central Station on VIA's web site and have to call 1-888-VIA-RAIL or talk to a station agent.
  by Trainplanner
Hi Everyone,

I'm travelling from Australia to Canada next year in August and September 2012. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of how reliable is the connection I've planned to transfer at Drummondville. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Friday 07-Sep-12 Drummondville Detrain from The Ocean Train 15 at Drummondville Arrive 07:32:00
Drummondville Entrain to VIA Rail Train Number 20 Depart 08:27:00
Quebec City VIA Rail Train Number 20 Arrive 10:29:00
Quebec City Quebec City DYI Touring
Quebec City VIA Rail Train Number 27 Business Class Depart 17:30:00
Montreal VIA Rail Train Number 27 Business Class Arrive 20:56:00