Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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I agree with Dutch on this. I highly doubt that any of this will ever come true, especially with MNR coming soon to Penn, I would think that MNR would be much more valuable and obviously much easier to accomplish. There still is a purpose for CSX to operate over Hell Gate, and unless that tunnel from NJ to Brooklyn ever gets built to allow better freight access to LI, I don't see the CSX operations coming to an end anytime soon. Very curious to know if there was ever any consideration to extend the N line north from Astoria into the Bronx? Such a thing wouldn't require any unique design of a bridge other than height wise, which can be of similar design to how they built Miami's Metrorail over the Miami river in Downtown. with a few turns join the same Amtrak NEC line and head NE. The amount of money needed to just upgrade the Hell Gate to accommodate a subway line will be costly and may only be marginally cheaper than building a new line over the East River.
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Relevant info from the Amtrak Gateway freight topic:
Tom V wrote: Wed Jan 05, 2022 9:10 pm Some news today!
In addition to transit service, the existing Bay Ridge Branch corridor can service cross harbor rail freight and would dramatically reduce truck congestion regionally and expand goods movement facilities, thereby fortifying supply chains still struggling to recover from the pandemic. Transportation planners believe that cross harbor rail freight and passenger service on the Interborough Express can work together in concert, which could be a game-changer for the region. To that end Governor Hochul is also directing the Port Authority to complete environmental review for the Cross Harbor Rail Freight Tunnel.
https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/gover ... ooklyn-and

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