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  by Jeff Smith
It seems even more cumbersome than the service MARTA offers to Braves games, but it's nice to have the option, and good outreach to potential Marlins fans that they are subsidizing the service.

Tri-Rail to run special trains to Marlins games
All aboard, baseball fans. Tri-Rail will run special trains to serve fans attending Marlins Get your Marlins Tickets now! home games at night, starting with Wednesday's Opening Day game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

To get to the games, take Tri-Rail to the Metrorail Transfer Station in Hialeah, then switch to Metrorail and continue to Culmer Station in Overtown. From there, board a shuttle provided by Miami-Dade Transit to and from Marlins Park.

Do the reverse on the way home. A special northbound train will depart Tri-Rail's Metrorail Transfer Station about one hour after the games end. A bus will be available at the station for passengers who miss the train.

A special southbound train will depart the Mangonia Park Station north of West Palm Beach at 5 p.m. and stop at every Tri-Rail station along the way to get fans to Saturday night games. Passengers can figure out when the train will stop at each station by adding an hour to the 4 p.m. train schedule at tri-rail.com. On weekdays, passengers can ride the regularly scheduled southbound trains.

The Marlins are paying for the service as a demonstration project.
  by chrsjrcj
Excellent! I've been planning to see a game at the new ballpark, so its nice to have an extra Saturday evening service. Now if only they would do the same for Sunday Dolphins games.