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  by Jeff Smith
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The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (Tri-Rail) Governing Board approved the new look for Tri-Rail trains, changing the emblematic “blue skies, white clouds and palm trees” design for the first time since its first unveiling on Tri-Rail trains in 2001.

“I am excited to announce Tri-Rail trains will be refreshed with a new design that will modernize and bring new life to the trains,” said Commissioner Raquel Regalado, Tri-Rail Governing Board chair. “We as a board felt collectively this was the perfect time to revitalize Tri-Rail’s look with a fresh new wrap as we embark upon a new era with the system.”

The opportunity to change Tri-Rail’s train design was presented at Tri-Rail's February board meeting, where the agency was programming work to re-wrap the exterior of 12 locomotives and 49 passenger vehicles that were due for replacement. With the impending expansion of service into MiamiCentral Station and several new efforts to improve the train service, Tri-Rail says the board felt it was a great opportunity to give Tri-Rail trains a fresh new design and requested for Tri-Rail's executive director Dave Dech to present design options for their review.