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  by Gilbert B Norman

Here's a You Tube video of TRCX 810 that has recently been rebuilt by the SFRTA.

While the video shows the engine after its rebuild without any markings beyond its reporting, the solid "Deep Ocean" Blue remains. "Functional" Tri Rail markings have now been added.

While obviously this engine's assignment could have changed, I did observe such handling the NB train that arrives Deerfield Beach 1130A (immediately before AMTK 92), but cannot locate any photos of such. My photography days are long in the past.

Honestly, Tri-Rail's "sun and sea" livery must have looked "cute" when displayed to "the powers that be", but time has shown that it doesn't "wear well" in South Florida's climate. Hopefully the Authority will choose to apply this engine's livery to the rolling stock as it comes due for shopping.