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  by Nester
Are MTA employees (not MN, but the other people who work at 347 Madison) eligible for transportation and/or spouse passes for use on Metro-North?
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  by Terminal Proceed
I won't say no absolutely. There probably a select few upper mgmt MTA employees which receive the benefits. Most do not however. Just as there are a select few mgmt MNRR employess who receive LIRR passes. I doubt the privelege would extend to spouse & dependent children. MNRR employees are eligible to receive a Metro North pass for their spouse and dependent children.

  by Nester
OK -- so Joe Nobody isn't getting one. Thanks.

  by TW1976
Cops are also given free passes to ride MNR.

  by 8204
I should point out that MN mgmt. that are given LIRR passes live somewhere on the LIRR system. They are given them to get to work.
  by fordhamroad
-who else gets Metro-North passes?

-the most curious case I know of is the President of Fordham University. When Bishop John Hughes sold part of St. Johns College, Fordham, to the New York and Harlaem RR in the 1840's, for the present Metro North right of way, the land for the tracks was sold for one dollar plus two free railroad passes for the President of the college forever. As far as I know, the President still gets his passes. I had heard (unverified) that someone at MTA questioned this a few years ago and tried to cancel the passes. Fordham indicated that if the passes were cancelled, they would like the tracks back.


  by Terminal Proceed
Who knows who else gets them. Who really cares. The question he asked was answered. If you want to know, hire an attorney and file a FOIA request. I am sure there are others who get passes - who cares, whats the big deal.

  by Nester
I know that board members and other groups are allowed free transportation passes. My question was specifically about MTA employees, and I believe that Terminal Proceed answered correctly.

Thanks for all the other responses.