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  by quadrock
Hey all. Just have a question regarding transferring from Tri-Rail to a Miami-Dade Transit Metrobus. I am planning on buying a round trip ticket from West Palm Beach to Miami (metrorail transfer station). I'd like to take the L bus into Miami Beach and was curious if this is a free transfer or do they charge the .50 transfer fee on board the bus. The MDT website wasn't very clear on this.

Thanks in advance.

  by Noel Weaver
This is from a Tri-Rail timetable dated August, 2004 and while this time-
table is no longer in effect, it is the last one that has all of the information
in it.
"With a valid Tri-Rail ticket, transfers to Miami-Dade Transit* (MDT) and
Broward County Transit are free to routes that pass within 1/4 mile of a
Tri-Rail station. In Palm Beach County, transfers are free to all Palm
Tran routes, including those that directly serve Tri-Rail stations."
"* Free transfer not applicable to MDT Express Buses."
Hope this helps.
Noel Weaver

  by quadrock
Thanks a lot, this does help. Looks like the L bus will in fact be free for us.