• Trainmaster Slugs to be Scrapped @ RMDI in Pittston, PA

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Discussion of Fairbanks-Morse locomotive products. Official web site can be found here: www.fairbanksmorse.com.

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  by mortonstationagent
I noticed this in the Pennsylvania forum:
I was working at RMDI a few days ago at their shop fixing a 7TM Trackmobile, and these are some items in the works inside the shop building.
#9918 SLUG ( rebuilt from FM H24-66 ) ( this unit was over by the shop with one truck off on blocks. The combos were being taken out to be used for other projects, as will the air brake components. The left over trucks frames and the SLUG body will be moved back to the yard for eventual scrapping. These slugs are a good source of combos.
#9905 SLUG ( rebuilt from FM H24-66 )
#9915 SLUG ( rebuilt from FM H24-66 )
Unfortunately, these units were cut down to the frame decades ago. However, in light of the fact that no complete trainmasters survive in the US, it still seems to me that one or more of these would be a worthwhile museum piece, if only to show the massive frame and unique trucks of arguably the first second generation diesel, way ahead of its time.

Any thoughts?

  by Richard Glueck
Certainly the trucks should be retained as spares or museum pieces in their own right.

  by railroadcarmover
Next week i will speak to RMDI and will mention the thought of retaining one of the slugs and trucks for historical purposes.

  by Cactus Jack
Our last chance to save such an historic piece of equipment - if only in cut down mode at this time. Perhaps in the future historic preservation could at least recreate one of these units

This is as significant a locomotive as the FT, GP-7 and PA.

And if not for Mexico we probably would not have any PA's left and if not for Canada no H-24-66's.

  by RDG5308
You can take 9905 off of the scrapping list. It is now the property of the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society and currently sitting at Temple, PA.

Originally built as Wabash 552, it was re-engined by Alco in 1964 and converted to a slug in 1974.

  by railroadcarmover
I am glad to hear that. I was actually going to talk to RMDI this week about a possible preservation of one of the slugs.

how was it moved btw?
on its own wheels?

  by metman499
Yeah, it was in Jim THorpe last weekend for the LGSR railfans weekend. I was wondering why it was there. Probably moved to Temple with the rest of the Reading Tech stuff that was in Thorpe for that weekend.
  by mortonstationagent
The RCTHS comes through again I see, adding another rare and historic piece of equipment to it's collection. Kudos to them for jumping on this last chance opportunity to have the closest thing to a complete Trainmaster left in the US. Maybe some day some sheet metal wizard can re-create the hoods and cab to complete the job.

  by RDG5308
Yes, it came down from Jim Thorpe with the return of the Society's equipment that was there for Lehigh Gorge Scenic RR Railfan Weekend. It appears to be in very good shape and complete at this point, well for a slug...

Obviously the true Reading stuff will take priority, but this is one of those projects that could happen. At best, a body could be built to recreate a nice static display. You can't build the top part without the bottom part, so at least it's a good start. Anyway, it's worthy of preservation even if it stays the way it is.
  by Komachi
Speaking as a historian (well, I have a BA in History, does that qualify?), this makes me extremely happy to hear that another piece of railroading history has been saved.

railroadcarmover, why don't you pick the other one up to preserve that one as well? Just a thought.

And speaking of preservation, if the other one (ones?) is (are?) cut up, is anyone going to try to save the significant bits like the trucks, and any other original FM parts for any future restoration/preservation projects? I'm assuming that is the case, but I thought I'd ask the obvious.

  by railroadcarmover
Interesting that you would mention about me picking up one of the other "FM" slugs. :)
I have my hands full right now with 7 Trackmobiles, a U23B and a H12-44 that i own.
The H12-44 should be operable in 2007. This is going to be an interesting project.

The trucks on those slugs were rather impressive.
I did get photos of the one getting its trucks removed, up at RMDI but i wound up losing that roll of film. :(