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  by railtrailbiker
Rail rider Kerry Fogarty wasn't pleased to learn last night that she'll likely have to pay $192 a year, starting Jan. 3, to continue parking her car at the Pearl River train station.

The Metro-North Committee yesterday unanimously approved charging daily, monthly and yearly parking fees at lots it owns or controls in Rockland and Orange counties.

Metro-North Railroad officials said the increase was necessary to offset the $21 million the agency has spent during the past five years to build or improve parking facilities in the two counties.

Commuters from Nanuet, Pearl River and Spring Valley will be affected, though in different ways.
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  by andy
This is the craziest thing I have ever heard.

For Nanuet Parking, they will have 1 of 3 lots charging? I can tell you now that the early morning trains will be much more jammed. There will probably be arguements between people driving. Anyone taking a train after 7:15 a.m. will be out of luck for free parking (as it is now).

Metro-North riders on the Pascack Valley Line should not be charged until (1) the siding project is completed; (2) late night service is enhanced and (3) midday service is started. Then start talking about charging passengers.

I would obviously expect it to cost a lot less than Westchester lots, even if they wait until the siding project and service enhancements are put into place.

  by mncommuter
Better than the $936 per year non-residents pay the village of Croton to park at Harmon! (for at lot that floods every time it drizzles!!!)

  by andy
The fees are final.

The "Stations" page on MTA Metro-North have the new parking fees (for some stations, like Nanuet, the page is a mess).

More information is at http://www.allrightparking.net/ (including the promotional information).

I wonder if parking fees are expected for weekends (e.g. overflow post office parking)?

  by andy

The Town of Clarkstown is coverting Nanuet Lot #1 (the one closest to the train station) to a Town Resident Parking Lot only.

The one behind the Post Office will be for paying customers only (Metro-North Lot). The one on the station-side, post-office side of the tracks will be for all customers (built with State DOT funds and they cannot limit).