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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by firthorfifth06
Hi all!

I recently purchased a timetable from October of 1934 on e-Bay. This is (likely) the last timetable showing rail service from 51st Street Ocean City to Sea Isle City station.

Now, I know a little about how the train series numbers worked for the shore (200's Ocean City, 300's Wildwood, 400's Cape May), but what is the series number for the trains to Sea Isle City?

Also, what would the series numbers be for the trains that were discontinued (i.e., CMCH to Stone Harbor, Sea Isle City to Townsend Inlet/Avalon/Stone Harbor)?

  by JimBoylan
From the June 24, 1934 Employee Timetable No 4's Index to Trains:
Sea Isle City Branch Locals were in the 500 series, whether to Sea Isle City or Townsend Inlet. Avalon and Stone Harbor were already buses. A Sunday only Sea Isle City train lasted until about 1941.
Cape May Court House - Stone Harbor Expresses were in the highest 900 series - 987 and 990, but they only ran to Stone Harbor Bridge, with a bus connection to and from Stone Harbor and Avalon.
Wildwood Jct. - Cold Spring Harbor Expresses were mixed in the 300 series.
Camden - Schellingers Landing Expresses were mixed in the 400 series.