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  by Roadgeek Adam
Just for fair use.
A New Jersey Transit train was stopped in Belmar Wednesday night after a report of unruly passengers, a spokesman for the rail line said.

New Jersey Transit and Belmar Police found no evidence of fighting. “Nobody was coming forward saying they were a victim,” said Jim Smith, a spokesman for New Jersey Transit.

Police are still investigating, he said, and looking at a video that was first circulated by News12 New Jersey.
Fights happen.
  by R36 Combine Coach
Jerry Springer hits the rails..

This looks like a case of revelers headed for a concert that are under the influence of “liquid courage” causing problems...
Concert trains can generate trouble - sometimes it can be figured out by the followers any musical act has.

What I found interesting was that the concert was at PNC Arts with a connecting bus from Matawan/Aberdeen.
These problems shown on the video could just have easily happened on the shuttle vehicles instead of the train...

Is there any club or other venue on the NJCL near a station that can be accessed by using trains? For comparison the LIRR
Montauk Branch has the “Boardy Barn“ near Hampton Bays as the best example. Depending on the events there is a gating
program at Hampton Bays Station in place to collect fares before boarding along with an MTA Police presence.

The problems could have possibly even been worse had these concert goers attempted to DRIVE to PNC Arts...MACTRAXX
  by phillyrube
I was watching some London Transport shows on one of the Netflix Hulu channels,. One of the episodes talked about the Saturday Ale Trail, where a bunch of guys go from town to town. Gets a little rowdy.

Then, there are the soccer games.
  by Yankees1
Yes, there are plenty of bars near the train, and they are some of the rowdiest bars in all of NJ. Bar Anticipation is right by Belmar, and there are hordes of younger people that get off the train and go straight there during the summer. Those summer NJCL trains are alot of fun usually, with everyone drinking and playing music. I just wish they'd run express.
  by Dcell
Wasn’t Edward Norton in this?
  by GooStats
I don't understand why anyone would take the train to the Arts Center. It goes nowhere near the place. It's much easier to just drive there.
  by DutchRailnut
Did you know not everyone has a car ?
  by njtmnrrbuff
The closest train station to the Garden State Arts Center is Hazlet. On a map, it might seem like it's very close but that's as the crow flies. It's about three to four miles and the route that you take from the arts center to the station isn't straight. I don't think many people would want to take the train to get to the arts center, especially with the chronic unreliability that NJT has been involved with.
  by nkloudon
>>Did you know not everyone has a car ?

  by nkloudon
Isn't the only access to the GSAC from the Garden State Parkway?
  by CNJGeep
The youths go to Matawan. There is a shuttle there that takes them.
  by Literalman
Bar Anticipation in Belmar: it's about 5 blocks south of the station. I was there many years ago when I lived on the Jersey Shore. A drunk driver mistook the tracks for a street and turned onto them. His car got stuck in the ballast. When the police showed up I let them know there was a train due soon. I don't know why I didn't stay to see what happened next.
  by GSC
Johnnie Mac's is right across Main Street from the Asbury Park station. Guaranteed to have a few fights there. There is a constant police presence there. That place seem to make the patrons nasty.