Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by Tommy Meehan
I was told by someone who spoke to NJ Transit that Train No 46 broke down west of Middletown and was shoved into Hall siding by 48. By the time all this was done Train 50 had showed up. So 46 and 48 were annulled and everybody was put on 50.


  by andy
This week was fun... not only were there delays on the PJ line, but the PVL had problems too.

Today, PVL #1614 was canceled at Valley.

Yesterday, one of the trains (my sister was on it), had some engine problem at Hoboken and they had to change trains. It was probably #1629.

On Wednesday, #1608 was 20 minutes late from Valley; #1612 was delayed 30 minutes and #1614 was delayed 25. No idea what happened to #1610, didn't get an e-mail about it, but it is hard to see it running on time.

Tuesday was the only normal day.

Monday, #1604 was 20 minutes late out of Valley.