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  by NJD8598
LIRailfan79 wrote:
Terminal Proceed wrote:According to Metro-North, the train hit a truck at the Camp Avenue crossing in Darien, shutting down the New Canaan line.
why would an accident in Darien close the New Canaan branch? isn't darien past stamford (where the new canaan line veers north off of the new haven line?)
The tracks cross Darien's side of Camp Avenue about a quarter mile after the Stamford/Darien town line. I'm pretty sure there are only two crossings in Darien, one where the accident occured and the other right behind the florist. I have heard stories from my parents about two trains colliding there, or some kind of serious accident many years ago, anyone have more info about this?

  by Nasadowsk
Yes. Report number RAR-70-3 from the NTSB.
(head on) Collision of Penn Central trains N-48, N-49. Occurred just north of the Hoyt Street Crossing. 4 people killed, head cars of both trains effectively destroyed. They figured the speed of both trains was 30mph, for a closing speed of 60mph. Rueled human error (surprise surprise)

  by NJD8598
Yeah I asked about that again, my mom was at a house somewhat near the crash site and they heard the crash, followed by lots of sirens but she didnt remember much more. Thanks for the info.
  by oakpoint
There was an accident there north of the springale cemetary involving two commuter trains which were supposed to meet at the siding and allow one another two pass.

One failed to make the siding and collided with each other. A most unfortunate incident.

I can't be sure of the date but beleive it happened back in the early seventies or possibly earlier.

The siding was then removed from service after that.

Charles D
  by jim f
I believe it was the summer of 71 What kept the death toll down was that the conductpr realized that the trainman had not stopped to wait on the empty train headed to the rail yard, had moved all the passengers out of the first car. The Stamford Advocate reported that there was reason to believe the trainman had ignored the signals and failed to wait on the other train deliberately. I don;t remember what the investigation turned up (if anything, the trainman lost his life in the accident). I remember seeing the wreckage close-up. Half of the first car of bothe trains had become telescoped. There was nothing but crushed metal against crushed metal. Anyone sitting in the front half of the car would not have survived. There was no mention in the paper as to why he did not pull the emergency cord to the brakes.