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  by TomNelligan
I was recently in Toronto for a weekend of streetcar riding and I observed the current renovation work at Union Station. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this involves any plans to better utilize the splendid main waiting room of that classic building. GO Transit's thousands of daily commuters are crowded into the compact GO concourse, which is also the location of the station's shops and food outlets, while the great hall that VIA uses for ticketing and waiting space is relatively empty. Of course Chicago Union Station to name another has a similar imbalance between under-utilized space (the main waiting room) and overcrowded commuter areas.
  by Ken V
There are big plans for Toronto Union Station but these will mostly affect the train shed and the lower levels for GO Transit users. Very little will change, however, in the portions of the station used by VIA. If anyone is interested, there is a special GO Newsletter with some details of the planned changes.
  by TomNelligan
Thanks for the link to the GO brochure... they're certainly making a major investment in the commuter side of the station.
  by dowlingm
There was an interesting mention recently attributed to a Metrolinx employee that in addition to the high platform on the Union Pearson Express track that VIA would shift to 27/28/29, with 28/29 rebuilt to high platform which should help get boarding done more quickly including Amtrak Maple Leaf.
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As far as the station reno, Urban Toronto has large forum threads on the station and trainshed