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  by gaspeamtrak
I will be taking Train # 50 which is combined with Train # 60 which is going to Montreal.
Can anybody tell me what the order of the trains is and the consist are for each train?
I will be doing a circle trip taking # 50 all the way to Montreal and connecting in Montreal with # 67 back to Toronto. :-D
Can anybody tell me the consist of this train also?
Can't wait for this trip just to relax and blow off some steam from every day life! :-D
Thanks to everybody for any info you can provide! :-)
  by Ken V
The normal make up for J-trains is for the Montreal bound train to lead and the Ottawa bound train to trail. The trains usually split just before the Brockville VIA station and after the Montreal bound train has made its station stop and has departed, the Ottawa bound train proceeds to the station platform.

Consists for corridor trains will vary depending on demand however a typical consist for both #60 and #50 would be a F40PH-2 locomotive with one LRC business car and two LRC coaches. Either train could have additional coaches or a P42DC locomotive. Conversely, train #67 generally uses HEP-2 (Budd stainless steel) equipment and P42 locomotives. Again there would be a business class car followed by two or more coaches.

Enjoy your daytrip.