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  by harryguy082589
Why hasn't anybody commented on the how CA's mass transit helped to deal with the traffic today and it is proof of what pub. transportation can do when a lot of ppl use it.

  by Alloy
I didn't hear any comments about BART or buses at all today, listening to the AM stations. I couldn't get the San Franciso Chronicle online, either, since probably everyone was going to the website for info on detours around the closed-down areas of the freeway.

It was an unusual day for traffic. Lots of people apparently stayed home, not wanting to deal with the uncertainty. Tomorrow will probably be a better indicator of trends, including use of BART.

  by kevikens
By mass transit I presume you mean BART and the ferries. I did see on network news that BART was free ysterday but other than BART and the ferries I can't figure out just what mass transit can do. Amtrak and Caltrain connect the East Bay with San francisco by only the most round about and tenuous connection. Buses, like cars, would get caught in the same traffic tie ups as autos. Are we back East missing something with repect to the Bay Area mass transit system ?

  by lensovet
it's interesting; seems like people are so afraid of the roadway now that BART is packed (according to a friend of mine); BART did manage to set record ridership this past week tho.
also, monday had free public transit all around the bay, not just BART – Muni, Capitol Corridor, AC Transit, etc.