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  by atsf sp
Hi Im headed up to Toronto and I was planning on viewing the TMC and Willowbrook yards. I was wondering which LRCs and RDCs are still there. Also I was wondering of any deadlined F40s visible. Are there any good viewing locations here and also where can I park my car?
  by Ken V
There isn't a dead line to speak of at the TMC any longer. All the RDCs that were once there have gone elsewhere and the lone LRC locomotive, owned by the Toronto Railway Historical Association, will likely be stored indoors. All VIA F40s that have not been retired due to wrecks are still in active service.

A popular location for viewing and photographing the VIA and GO yards is from the Islington Avenue overpass which goes over the centre of both. On street parking may be available east off Islington on Judson Street which runs along the north side of Willowbrook Yard. Whenever I want to see something at the TMC I find riding a Lakeshore West GO train through the middle of the yards a convenient way to do that. With a Day Pass, for the same price as a return ticket, you can go back and forth between Mimico and Long Branch stations as many times as you wish.
  by marquisofmississauga
When I have driven to the area I have parked exactly as Ken recommends. It has been a while since I have walked the overpass and my viewing of the TMC area is from my frequent GO train trips.

As of yesterday there are still several RDCs immediately to the west of the maintenance centre. The LRC locomotive is also visible from a GO train. It is unlikely these can be viewed from the Islington Ave. overpass. Until recently there were three Renaissance sleepers beside the RDCs but I haven't been able to see them lately if, in fact, they are still there. There have always been a few coaches of the UP (Union-Pearson) Express in the VIA yard. Most trains and equipment is kept east of the maintenance centre and occasionally on the north side. On the days when the 20 to 24-car Canadian arrives (Tuesdays, Thursday & Saturdays - in theory!) it can be seen stretched through the yard. Over the past two weeks some arrivals have been only slightly late so the Canadian can be seen in the yard from just after noon until it is backed into the station at about 20:30 for a rare on-time departure. Yesterday was not one of those days; the ETA was 17:30 and I have no idea when #2 did arrive or when #1 departed. In the winter season the short Canadian is serviced inside the centre so it is rarely seen in the yard.
  by atsf sp
What is the neighborhood like in that area? is it safe to park and walk on the bridge?
  by marquisofmississauga
I assume you will be there during daylight hours. It is quite safe in the day; I don't trust anywhere after dark. The biggest danger is from motor traffic on the bridge. Speed limits are rarely respected in the GTA.
  by mandealco
A quick look at Google Maps shows 9 RDC's and an LRC just northwest of the turntable. The Canadian is also parked in the yard. A careful look along New Toronto St on Streetview shows the RDC's if you take the time to look for them. I suspect you could see them a little better from the grass verge. I don't know how recent the Google images are.
  by atsf sp
Did end up making it there. The RDCs and LRV are still there. Looks like the non-rebuild ex-Sudbury RDCs and the farmrail RDCS that have been there.