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  by sery2831
I am visiting the area from Boston. I was wondering if anyone had an idea when the Colorado Rail Cars operate(is it totally random?)?

Is there any good places to see any shops or yards(either Tri-Rail or Metro Rail)? Are there unsafe areas to totally avoid?


John Arico
  by Noel Weaver
Tri-Rail has hourly service all day Mon-Fri and much more frequent service in the AM and PM rush hours. Best chance to ride
the DMU equipment is in the rush hours.
I suggest you not expose expensive camera equipment at stations south of Hollywood, questionable areas at best.
Their main facility is at Hialeah and is strictly off limits. Most likely you should not have problems around the passenger
stations as long as you stay on the platforms.
If you ride, be sure to buy your ticket before you board the train.
Noel Weaver
  by Kurt-Trirail
Noel Weaver wrote:I suggest you not expose expensive camera equipment at stations south of Hollywood, questionable areas at best.
Perhaps at Opa-Locka and Golden Glades; maybe Metrorail Transfer as well. There are quite a few (legit) commuters there in the afternoon, after all - enough that it would be chancy for any thief or similar ne're-do-well to try anything when surrounded by that many witnesses. Same for Hialeah Market, and Miami Airport is pretty comfortable even during nighttime rush hour.

I'd be wary at Sheridan Street (north of Hollywood) though - that station is basically a hole in the wall, surrounded by unkempt foliage on one side, a highway on the other, and a big empty parking lot that does not have a wide open entrance for everyone to see. It seems to be popular with vagrants, and there is nothing keeping it from being a nice hideout for various questionable characters.

That said, prudent protection of your camera equipment in any location goes without saying.

  by chrsjrcj
If you stand on the pedestrian bridge that goes over the tracks at the Metrorail Station, you should be able to see Hialeah yard. I once had a pretty good view of the Star departing Miami from there.
  by JasW
Just to chime in on Opa-locka and Hialeah Market -- I was recently railfanning at both places with my two young children, and they were both fine, populated only by people who needed to be there (and none of whom seemed threatening for that matter). They both have the added benefit of the original (more or less) 1926-27 SAL stations standing adjacent.