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  by railtrailbiker
Salisbury Mills - Stan Sarli sat in his car and watched the 6:43 a.m. train pull out of the station and sighed.

So near and yet so far.

Here he was, on the first day of pay-to-park, ready with his $192-a-year permit, ready to go to work in Jersey City.

But he had driven 25 miles from Highland only to get stuck in wheel-spinning traffic on the short entrance road to Metro-North Railroad's station off Route 94 in the Town of Cornwall.

"And you know, I wasn't too upset about paying for parking, if it meant they were going to keep things nicer,'' said Sarli. "If they were going to plow "¦"

But they didn't plow yesterday - at least not before the majority of rush-hour trains had left the station - and then the job was left to a toy-sized Jeep with a toy-sized blade. Commuters devised their own rows and spaces, and groused about the prospect of tickets for parking improperly in this brave new world of permits and meters.

If it wasn't exactly a day that would live in infamy, well, it was darn close.
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