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  by Dieter
OK, if Long Island trains still have bars, this is war!

I can hardly wait to toss that in the face of an MTA rep when they give their lame, generic reasons why there isn't any bar service on the Harlem and Hudson Divisions.

The only bar built into a Bombardier coach with a blue stripe that I can think of was in the coach "POUGHKEEPSIE". The bar lingered there and was finally torn out for seats around 1998/1999. It was a poor design too. More like a lecturn than a bar, there wasn't any place for patrons to really congregate, let alone stow a bicycle. It was "Here's your drink, now get back to your seat!

Otto, thanks for the Hickory Creek link. I wonder what that move cost those people?

Perhaps Amtrak should consider putting observations on the rear of some of it's trains to make some desperately needed cash!!!

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  by NJD8598
Article from today's Stamford Advocate:

"The state Department of Transportation confirmed they would not eliminate the popular and profitable beverage and snack vending car after a contractor is selected to build rail cars for Metro-North Railroad's New Haven Line later this year."

http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/lo ... -headlines

Good news for all the bar car fans out there, I have never actually taken the time to walk to one of the cars, but I have ridden in them when they're closed. I know from previous newspaper articles and what people have written here that the cars are extremely popular, and there would be many upset customers if the service was stopped.

  by Dieter
See? Even the State of Connecticut and THE ADVOCATE recognized the uproar against eliminating The Bar Car.

Now, if New York patrons were only so vocal to their Representatives......


  by benltrain
a question...

how much is it really worth it to try and ride the bar car? i get the feeling the food is not the main attraction? is it the layout? or is it just the fact that it's an oddity?

  by DutchRailnut
other than chips and few cookies there is no food, just booze and soda

  by Dieter
First, the best piece of ammo is that CDOT says the Bar Car is PROFITABLE. Now the question to MN is; IF IT'S PROFITABLE, WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?

Something to establish here is that the Bar Car is like going to Hooters; You ain't lookin for food.....

People hit the Bar Car for a quick snort and socialization on the way home. You can get a snack of peanuts or chips, but if you're headed home, dinner waits, or within an hour, you can get anything in your village that's better than what can be obtained say in an AMCAFE.

Ride any Bar Car and your first impression is that you've entered a clique atmosphere. Unlike most cliques, you find yourself a welcome member in no time, if you're congenial and frequent the same run.

The Bar Car is a great place to end up in a heat wave after dealing with the Subway. There are people who like to visit on the train, which drives the Reading Room crowd crazy. The Bar Car is the last place someone's going to get a dirty look for speaking to someone, unless it's on a cell phone.

Nester and I have bantered about this subject in messages, and this is as good a time as any to ask all of you this;

How many of you are interested in sticking out your necks to lobby for the reestablishment of Bar Service on Hudson and Harlem Division trains?

Petitions have been attempted in the past with no known result. Anybody out there in PR or an allied field with an idea of how to go about changing the tide?