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  by BenH
This looks like the "bar car" web site, for those that are interested...

  by Terrapin Station


  by Otto Vondrak
I'm not quite sure I understand the Bar Car web site... I think at first it was a petition for keeping bar car service on New Haven Line trains... now it looks like some sort of random messaging board. And they keep talking about these elusive coasters!


  by 7 Train
BarCar.com is mostly a fan site. It celebrates the "bar car" with photos and stories.

  by Otto Vondrak
What I meant to say was, I didnt see much about bar cars (MN or otherwise) on the site, except some random non-bar-car types making random non-bar-car-type comments.


  by AmtrakFan
Some Metra Trains do have Bar Cars you could Smoke in them that's why my Dad who use to ride the C&NW now he rides the BN wouldn't go into one also can you smoke in Metro Norths one?


  by Terminal Proceed
Smoking is not perimtted in any Metro North Train.

  by GP38
Cool photo Terrapin.
I remember the first time I rode in the bar car on Metro North. It was on a train on the way back from Rye Playland with some friends. I had just turned 21 a few days earlier, and thought it was so cool that I could buy beer on the train.
I will never forget that day.

  by Robert Paniagua
Yeah I'm glad they have a Bar Car for the New Haven Extension. Especially that I drive all the way down from Holbrook MA via I-95 to New Haven, and if a Metro-North Train has a car bar, I'll probably be hanging out in the Bar Car so that I can have a nice Coke and even a snack too :-)

  by Fred G
Nice photos, Terrapin, but let's cut to the chase:


Sam Adams - $2.25
MN Round Trip - $26
Having a cold one on the train - priceless!

Some thoughts on the NH line bar cars

The bartenders on board are real bartenders who do real bartending, which includes shutting people off it they're too 'tipsy'.

It's been my experience that during weekdays, if the bar car is part of the consist, it's open for business. That photo was taken on a GCT bound train.

I've ridden in the bar car 'after hours' and although it wasn't open for business, it was nice to be in a more open travel environment. One can mill about, stretch legs, etc.

I think MN should keep the bar cars in full operation. It's civilized and takes the edge off of the daily grind.

  by Nester
For the record, the LIRR does operate bar carts on trains. I am a LIRR commuter (who is about to relocate to MN territory) and I have personally seen and purchased alcohol from carts on trains and on the platforms at Penn station and Flatbush Avenue.

The last "bar car" was phased out when the LIRR replaced the old coaches with the Kawasaki C3s a few years ago. There are carts on a handful of evening trains. They normally do not operate when deadheading back to Jamaica or Penn Station.

I agree that MN should offer on-board service for the Harlem and Hudson lines. These carts clearly make money and their profitable use should continue. Who do we have to talk to about this?


  by jhdeasy
Otto Vondrak wrote: Bar car/lounge service was offered on the former NYC lines for years... until the new Bombardier equipment arrived in 1984, service continued on the Hudson and Harlem Lines. We're talking about with real "Traditional" bar cars too, not just a dude and a cart.

What I remember on the Hudson & Harlem lines, from 1971 thru the beginning of the Bombardier era, was:

Some x-NYC midtrain tavern lounge cars.

Some x-NYC six bedroom buffet lounge cars. The six bedrooms were opened into 3 bedroom suites and setup for card players to play around a table.

The 2 x-D&H diner lounge cars, ADIRONDACK LODGE and SARATOGA INN, provided by NY DOT, after Amtrak converted The Adirondack to newer equipment in 1977.

Thes cars were staffed by a unifomed attendant who sold beverages and snacks, both the morning and evening trip.
  by bingdude
LIRR's "Hamptons Reserve Service" does include drinks served at your seat. Don't know if alcohol is complementary or not, but it is available. The special C3 coaches used for this have a space at the end where the "galley" is.

I have never seen a bar cart on an LIRR train, except when the cart guy/gal is returning it to Jamaica where they are based. The carts are set up on the platform between 18 and 19 in Penn, and on some Jamaica platforms (and I guess Flatbush). They sell on the platform from about 3:30p until 8:30p.

It must be a local law in Port Washington...there is a sign with a martini glass on the Penn platforms that says "Port Washington Line customers: this car for the consumption of alcoholic beverages."

  by Nester
There are bar carts on the LIRR at Jamaica, Flatbush Avenue, and Penn. At FBA, it's usually at the base of track 3 and 4 these days. I've been on the westbound train where the "cart man" for Flatbush rolls on at Jamaica. It's a deadhead move and he does not serve on that train. I don't know if he works an eastbound train back to Jamaica (I am usually gone well before he is done), but it is possible.

There is bar cart on 13/14, 17, and 18/19 (at Penn Station). During PM peak there are two on 18/19. The cart on 17 rolls onto the 7:39 to Babylon and serves drinks on the train.

That sign (the martini glass for the PW line) is a holdover from days where they tried to restrict alcohol consumption on the Port Washington branch to one car only. It did not work, and you can drink in any car in a consist. I know I did on those days where I would go to Great Neck.

  by Terminal Proceed
This is the MetroNorth Forum. Enought discussion of LIRR bar cart practices please. Take that over to the LIRR forum.

Thank you.

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